Hackintosh a lenovo M710q thinkcentre I3

Guys good day,i researched and found on github efi folders and other sites but i am still getting vebose then it stops and nothing happenes.I reboot then i am met with 3 options and no matter what icon i click the pc reboot and verbose runs and right at the bottom is stops and stays there.

I have done everything correct in bios and its setup correctly.I did try skylake efi for desktop and for notebook and a few other but still cant get it working.

The specs for this pc is as follows

CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i3-6100T, 3200 MHz (32 x 100)

Motherboard Name Lenovo 3111

Motherboard Chipset Intel Kaby Point B250, Intel Skylake-S

System Memory 12179 MB (DDR4 SDRAM)

Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

Realtek ALC294 @ Intel Kaby Point PCH - High Definition



DMI System Manufacturer LENOVO

Is there an exact efi for this pc out there,and if there is where can i find it

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