Safari and Firefox crash on my MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK on Catalina

Hi, I dont know what is wrong but safari and firefox not working on my z490 with Catalina. I use iMac20.1. I have this issu only on Catalina.
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Author: msh


It's not uncommon to encounter software quirks and compatibility issues with Hackintosh setups, especially when mixing hardware and macOS versions that Apple doesn't officially support together.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot Safari and Firefox not working on your Hackintosh:

  1. Ethernet and Network:

    • macOS relies heavily on an active internet connection for many functionalities, including Safari.
    • Ensure your Ethernet (or Wi-Fi, if that's what you use) kext is correctly set up.
    • Check if the internet is working correctly in other apps.
    • Check your system's System Preferences -> Network settings to ensure everything looks okay.
  2. Update Kexts and Clover/OpenCore:

    • Make sure all your kexts are updated, especially Lilu.kext and any network-related kexts.
    • If you're using Clover, consider switching to OpenCore as it's more modern and offers better compatibility and support for newer hardware and software configurations.
  3. Graphics Acceleration:

    • Both Safari and Firefox leverage hardware acceleration. If your GPU isn't correctly set up, this can lead to crashes or non-functioning applications.
    • Ensure that WhateverGreen is correctly set up and that you've set any necessary device properties or boot arguments for your GPU.
  4. Clear Cache and Preferences:

    • For Safari, go to ~/Library/Caches/ and clear out the contents.
    • For Firefox, consider resetting it or deleting its cache.
  5. System Logs:

    • Check the system logs in for any glaring errors when you launch Safari or Firefox. This can give you hints about what's going wrong.
  6. Check for Software Conflicts:

    • If you have any software or extensions that modify internet traffic (like VPNs, firewalls, or ad blockers), they might be causing the issue. Try disabling or uninstalling them temporarily to check.
  7. Fresh Installation:

    • As a last resort, consider doing a fresh installation of Catalina. Sometimes, installations can get corrupted or bogged down with lingering issues.
  8. Community Assistance:

    • Reach out to Hackintosh communities like r/hackintosh on Reddit, InsanelyMac, or TonyMacx86 forums. Someone else might've encountered a similar problem with the same motherboard or macOS version.

Remember, Hackintoshes are a bit of trial and error. The hardware and software combinations aren't officially supported by Apple, so some tweaking and patience is often required to get everything working seamlessly.