iGPU +1 SSD for MacOS / dedicated GPU +1 SSD for windows? Would that work?


I'm thinking about putting macOS on my pc build. Since I'm using an Nvidia card I'm not able to build a hackintosh. But I was wondering if there would be a workaround with using an integrated gpu / cpu for macos.

So my question is: If I install two SSD's in my PC (one with Windows 11 on it and one with MacOS installed) while using the more powerful Nvidia on Windows 11 and the iGPU on MacOS - Would I be able to just switch between the two systems at the boot up / start up? I don't need those systems to work at the same time or switching on the fly. Just turning off the pc and switch it back on to choose the system I need for the time being would be enough.

At the moment I'm using an intel cpu with no igpu on it. But I'm willing to spend some money on a new cpu-igpu if this method would work. I was thinking about upgrading my cpu anyway, so it's not a problem. Maybe someone can give me his thoughts on this idea. If it works what would be the best cpu with an integrated graphics for this concept? And should I use Intel or AMD for this method?

Best regards form Germany:)

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