ACPI patch doesn’t work on older OS X

I installed macOS Mojave with working almost everything (brightness, audio, battery % etc) and wanted to try the older OS X. I installed Mountain Lion but could never got the patch to work (no audio, no brightness adjustment, battery % works however), also mounting EFI failed?!

I’m using latest Opencore version


  • 4005U 6GB RAM
  • ALC233 (layout 5 works on Mojave)
  • RTL8168/8111 (kext work on Mojave)
  • SMBIOS MacBookAir6,2

Driver changes:

  • Add OpenPartitionDxe.efi

Kext changes:

  • Replace VoodooPS2 to VoodooPS2Controller by Rehabman for keyboard and touchpad (touchpad runs crazy but I use mouse so that’s alright)

Config changes:

  • Kernel -> Quirks -> AppleCpuPmCfgLock -> True
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