Final touches on OC

Hey all,

I've had a working (but not perfect) OC build for a while now and am just now getting the urge to fix a few aspects that have been bothering me. Was hoping someone would be able to help out with a few of these.

First: Bluetooth/Wifi

I have a Broadcom bluetooth/wifi combined card (I believe it is native to apple) so theoretically there shouldn't be too many issues. I know that bluetooth operates on a USB bus and have done the USB mapping with the correct port identification. However, there are times where my bluetooth starts to lag where I can't use my mouse correctly because of the delay. This sometimes coincides with my wifi being completely unable to load webpages until I turn wifi off/back on. Relevant kexts: BrcmBluetoohInjector, AirportBrcmFixup, BrcmFirmwareData, BrcmPatchRAM3, and the usb mapping kexts.

Second: Unable to restart through desktop

When I restart using software, I loose all my safari tabs and all other progress in other apps. I think that this could be NVRAM but am not entirely sure? If that's what it is I think there was a section in the guide about emulating it and would be able to follow that if so. I am able to use my reset IO on my case and in doing so the safari tabs are kept safe.

Third: DRM

I have followed the guide for enabling DRM (Vega 64 and 8700k), but am still unable to get it to work. I was wondering if there was a potential to disable my igpu either in bios or through my config file to make it easier to set up DRM or if there was something else I should do to set this up. I am unable to watch QuickTime, amazon, etc, however Netflix works when I use Firefox.

Thanks for any help!

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