noisy desktop

Hi everyone!

I managed to install osx catalina 10.15.7 on my gear:

asus z490 pro art,
intel i7 with big ass cpu cooler (air),
amd rx580,
plenty of ram,
fractal define r7 compact

I choose this build for the thunderbolt 3 connectivity that I needed for the Uad apollo. The thing is now is almost time to place the desktop where it will live, the studio control room.
I would like to be able to tweak a bit the fan from osx without rebooting every time into the bios and tweak them from there (for some reason I can't manage to save the profile so every time I boot the machine is dead quiet).

I tried a few apps but some show me only temp (sitting on load [audio stuff] around 30 to 35 degrees C) and macs fan control where on my macbookpro I can adjust the fan speed.

On my hackintosh it asks to reset the SMC. how I do it? will it make it? I try with the normal apple*com ways as unplug, key commands but it wont do the job.

thx in advance to all


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