Pairing Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

I have a Lenovo Yoga 460 running 11.3.1 using opencore 0.7.0. The WiFi adapter is the 8260. I use itlwm 1.3.0, and IntelBluetoothFirmware 1.1.3. I am able to connect bluetooth headsets to the computer, but my keyboard and mouse will never successfully complete the pairing process.

I do see them in the Devices list in system preferences, and can connect, but the connection will never successfully complete. I'll hit "Connect", the wheel spins, it says connected, but there is no input from the device. Eventually, it will drop back down as if it weren't paired.

The keyboard will attempt to connect to the computer, however, and the computer will give me a message. Clicking "Connect" doesn't work either.

Is it possible that I get these devices to pair, or am I just driving myself insane?

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