Motherboard HDMI + GPU HDMI? Z390, 5700xt

Hey everyone, I was hoping for anyone to give me some insight on running my motherboards hdmi output and my gpus hdmi output simultaneously.

Heres my system:

Gigabyte z390 Designare

intel i7 9700k

Sapphire Pulse RX 5700xt

32 GB Ram

iMac 19,1 OC 0.6.9

I've been running Display port on the 5700xt for the past 3 months and its been terrible on Mac os. I've been having window server issues out of nowhere. especially when running Pro tools. I have a secondary display that hasn't been in use because I thought it was causing this issue and my main display was being driven by the display port outputs from the GPU.

These window server crashes resulted in blackscreens but my audio and system was notibly still on. After two minutes the computer would restart itself and I was back and running. This issue has been a great annoyance because it slows down my work significantly.

I tried today to switch to HDMI for my main display and.... success. I havent had a crash all of this morning and Ive been stress testing the computer. Im pretty certain that the issue is now related to Display port on this navi card.

My question is: I want to connect my secondary monitor to my system as well, but I dont have another HDMI output from my GPU, is there a way to use the Motherboards HDMI output to drive my second display? I tried connecting it already with no success.

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