First time making a Hackintosh, so need guidance

I Finally bought a laptop to make a Hackintosh, I had tried to make one by watching a YouTube Video but i wasn't convinced that MacOS will work on my laptop by that YouTube Video & just to be safe i decided to make a post here asking about it,

Laptop Specifications :

Model Number : HP EliteBook 8470P

CPU : Intel Core i5 3320m

GPU : Intel HD4000 Graphics (iGPU)

Ethernet Adapter : Intel 82579LM Gigabit

WiFi Card : Intel Centrino Ultimate - N 6300 AGN

Drives : 1 120GB SSD & 1 320GB HDD (Replaced the DVD R / W Drive with a Caddy and put a 320 GB HDD In it) [Not in raid or anything just windows 10 In the SSD And Spare storage on HDD]

BIOS Locked (Owner forgot Password as he set it 6 Years ago)

In the video they told that i have to disable secure boot / safe boot, I can't do that as my bios is locked

About unlocking the BIOS : I've seen 100s of videos on how to unlock the bios of HP Laptops but i didn't find any video of my model's bios getting unlocked, After that went in vain i called HP Support, They told me some BS like it is a "BuIsNeSs NoTeBoOk" so we don't have a key for it (What?) and that the device is out of warranty but the guy told me to wait so that he could transfer me to a person that actually solves the issues (Like hardware or software) so after i waited 45 MINUTES they Hung up on me so i don't want to call them again.

So, Is there any way that i can make this laptop a Hackintosh without messing with safe boot / secure boot, i want to install big sur (Not monterey yet as they dropped support for Intel HD4000)

I also have an actual Mac, if it is required

also i just wanted to mention that i am pretty experienced with computers and can run commands properly (I have upgraded an unsupported mac to the latest version of MacOS beta 1 day 1)

Please help me as i am quite lost, thanks in advance

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