OpenShell (the UEFI Shell) I there a way to save the screen output to a Text file?

Hi, in the Terminal, you can save the screen output to a text file and it will save the entire session in the process.

I’ve been trying a few things in OpenCore’s OpenShell (the UEFI Shell and not the Terminal in macOS) and the only thing that I have managed to save to a text file was an entire set of boot paths using

FS0: map > maps_text.txt

However that example (which I picked up from a tutorial) only works for that specific use case.

Does anyone know how to save any screen output from an OpenShell session to a text file ?

P.S. what ever you do, don’t use that inline code example in the OpenShell because Reddit has reformatted the code to something else (I can’t fix that)

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