OC 0.6.7 Catalina , Maximus Hero X , 8700k/uhd630

Ive tried for a solid week to find a good build and I found 1 for my hardware. Ive only done this because the school my kid goes to makes the students use iPads, and i dont know Jack about apple so I figured why not learn, right?! Plus, i hope it would provide a stable platform for my kid to learn on.

Specs :

Asus Maximus Hero X mobo Intel 8700k Delid @ 5ghz - stock for macOS 4x8gb Gskill Trident X XMP @ 3600mhz - See below 500 gb M.2 for windows 500 GB SamsungEvo for macOS EVGA Hybrid 1080ti (windows) currently not installed due to deep dusting/cleaning (i live in a desert , man.) I used all precompiled amls /kexts didnt make any myself because i just dont know how and it seems like something that has to be taught rather than just lightly talked about , and i never found any webpage that actually went in depth other than "open this type that download this good luck bro!!" Its a real struggle. Youre expected to know stuff or research it and figure it out. Try something different. Trial and error. With that said i will help you, if I can.

I would run Big Sur but its annoying, after the install i get this frozen system black underscore screen every 4 boot ups (i have 4 dimms installed i think Big Sur does not like my memory, even at stock settings),I could just turn the tower off everytime it does it to reset it and make it work again but thats quite annoying especially when nobody knows a rhyme or reason for it. At the end of the day this is a hack and not going to be 100% no matter what. With that said im sure i do have errors on my boot log and trying to fix anything at this point would just be pointless for me because everything works. I had an old work iphone linked to my appleID, so i didnt have to struggle with iservices....any of it. I will however make a new ID to protect my main from blacklist problems...and if i have to ill begin the iservices patching process at that time.

What works..... icloud , apple tv , messeges, app store. Sound thru HDMI works. 4k tv but running at 1080p so i can have my 120hz refresh rate.

30fps lol how does anyone work with 30 fps is beyond me, must be old so as to match speed of the refresh i guess.

What doesnt work..... Only 2 things. My 2 LG optical drives dont pick up, so no bluray/disc burning..... yet. But with how cheap HDDs are, theres just absolutely no point to either make them work or buy a new one that would. Couldnt tell you honestly the last time i even loaded anything from a disc anyways. I honestly dont know why they dont work.... its just a optical..... theyre in literally every machine so like i said, no point for me at this time.

To noobs like me , you know who you are, you hit the power button and expect it to work. You must have patience and a clear head. Wife at work... kids at school, that sorta thing.

I used the Dortania guide for OpenCore and have had success with booting High Sierra, Catalina and Big Sur minus its underscore screen issues. If I could add pics to this post i would. Time to smoke a victory bowl and kiss my pissed off wife for putting up with my tinkering this last week. And tinkering you will be!!! Youll be called a TWEEKER if youre like me. This aint dads 2 head VCR that he tried to make into a 6 head, so please dont do that to your system, or, if you do, post pics so we can laugh.

All in all this was fun as heck to do and this also provided me my first experiences modifying files to tailor a system for me, not for the masses so that was ultra cool to me. Its also great knowing you can do it, when you finally pull it off. Success is how you measure it. If youre happy with hitting the power button and seeing the OS load then youve succeeded , pat yourself on the back. If youre like me though, you want it to work like a real mac, or as close as possible. Good luck to everyone and messege with any 8700k related questions, ill do my best to provide what 411 I can.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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