No HDMI audio on 1080ti High Sierra

Yesterday i installed Catalina for my first go at hackintoshing just to see if i could do it. So today i swapped some files around and went for High Sierra because i have a 1080ti and wanted to get the most out of my current hardware for now. Its installed, graphics acceleration thru nvidias web driver is golden. Its driving my 86" 4k tv. Everything seems to be in order except for the sound. No HDMI audio output, and i figured it would work no problem from the web driver but no dice.

Asus maximus hero x mobo Intel 8700k running stock for now Evga Hybrid 1080ti Intel 240gb SSD for Mac, 500gb m.2 for my win 10

Just the normal .kexts needed.... applealc... virtual smc, lilu, whatevergreen. Anyone have this issue?

Ive read upon a few fixes , but theyre years old and none of what i read actually pertained to a 1080ti... was usually a 1060 used, and i havent actually seen of anyone having a genuine fix for it. Info, if any, would be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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