Any disadvantages install High Sierra in 2021?

Hello everyone,

I'm new in this Hackintosh world so I apologize if this question is redundant or something like that.

I'm already preparing myself to build my first hackintosh, and because of native GPU support (I have a gtx 970), I'm going to install High Sierra, but got those questions in mind because it's almost a legacy OS version.

There's any disadvantages? I'm a software developer and content creator, so having a GPU will be very useful for rendering videos, and managing AVD in Android Studio, for example. And also, can I make xcode work even though I'm running and old macOs version?

Also, those are by specs:

Intel Core i5 4460 Asus H81M-CS/BR EVGA Nvidia GTX 970 SC 16GB Ram DDR3 1600MHz


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