XPS 15 9560 Open Core No Boot Option for Mac OS Installer

I have a weird issue that might be super simple, but I am struggling with it.

In the summer I created a USB installer using this guide. The installer worked fine then and I was able to install /run Catalina. In the fall, I decided to switch back over to windows and kept the Mac OS installer USB aside in case I ever wanted to reinstall Mac OS in the future.

Today, I have been trying to boot the Catalina installer using the same USB, however I only see a boot option for my windows partition. I thought that maybe something changed on the USB, and decided to recreate it. After recreating the USB, I still only get the option to boot into windows when booting Open Core.

My USB drive's strucutre is as follows:


com.apple.recovery.boot (contains basesystem.dmg & basesystem.chunklist)

EFI (contains open core)

Any ideas as to why I can't see the Mac OS installer as an option? Hopefully it is something super simple that I am missing.

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