WiFi card testing

I bought a Fenvi BCM94360NG on AliExpress, which claimed to be working out of the box. The buyers guide also says the BCM94360 is supported.

Now I changed the default Intel AX201 WiFi card on the MSI Z490M MPG to this BCM94360NG, but it does not get recognized in MacOS Big Sur (Ive tried with all different kind of kexts, provided by the guide) nor Windows 10 (device manager, with and without drivers).

So I took out the BCM94360NG, and placed back the AX201 card, which does work properly in Windows 10. I have not tried yet the Intel Wifi kexts for MacOS.

The point is, the M.2 E key does work, so the problem must be in the BCM94360NG. Does anyone know how to properly test and maybe debug a WiFi card?

(Seller on AliExpress did not help in any way)

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