USB keyboard unable to wake itself despite waking up PC from sleep

USB keyboard unable to wake itself despite waking up PC from sleep


I have this weird issue: I own a bunch of keyboards, you could say I'm collecting them. Few are BT, few are USB ones. My motherboard is a Gigabyte H97-D3H, running Big Sur and OpenCore 0.6.5.

I was using my Hackintosh without any issues until recently, when I purchased a Sharkoon Purewriter RGB, that is able to wake the computer up from sleep but is unable to wake up, i.e. I press a key to wake up my sleeping PC, which wakes up, but the keyboard itself remains inactive, inputs are not registered until I reconnect it to any ports.

  • I tried messing with darkwake settings, most prominently darkwake=no and darkwake=2 to no avail.
  • I tried setting PLL source - as mentioned in a few similar topics regarding no USB ports powering up after sleep - to both FCPLL and SBPLL to no avail.
  • I tried fixing the issue by connecting the keyboard to other USB hubs, or directly into the motherboard. Nothing changed.
  • Issue never happened to any other keyboards, no matter how many blinkenlights they do or do not have, nor did it matter how high the lights were turned on my keyboard. I guess it's safe to assume it's not an actual power draw related issue.
  • My current guesses are either it is announcing a too high power draw

In case you ever met anything similar, please leave a note below.

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