Thinkpad T440s as recovery Mac!!!

Guys, this is the only time I've hackintoshed successfully, and by that I mean it boots! I only went as far as getting graphics, wifi, bluetooth, and keyboard working. Trackpad isn't fully functional, backlight isn't fully functional, but I only need it to download an OS, or test a program! Thank you to everyone who has helped me. Here are my specs:

Intel Core 15-4300U

Intel HD Graphics 4400

Intel AC-7260 Dual Band

Intel Ethernet (unknown)

ALC 292 codec (though VoodooHDA does the job perfectly)


Graphics 4400 QE/CI ThiccMouse works! (aka shake and the thing grows in size)

Keyboard PS2

Audio (VoodooHDA)

USB (worked out of the box with USB Inject All

WiFi (Airportltlwm)

Bluetooth (IntelBluetoothFirmware)

Ethernet (not tested but theoretically should be supported)

Not working:

Litterely everything else lol

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