Successfully hacked my 3950x 1080ti but hit a snag with my usb ports running at 2.0 speeds.

tried to modify a asrock x570 phantom gaming kext example in this linked blog post

i had hoped to be able to get my steel legend wifi up and running but following the steps from what i could follow just ended up somehow disabling my usb2.0 ethernet adapter no matter what port it was in. keyboard and mouse still worked despite also being 2.0. weird. i used "grep appleusb30x" and it came up empty and without internet the mac is less than useful so i undid the kext addition and am combing through these guides and the vanilla one cross referencing trying to figure out what i need to do. im not sure what to put in the bundleGetInfoString or any of the subsequent boxes (if anything) in the info.config of the example kext from the above guide.

im also running smbios imac14,2 and 10.13.6 security update 01 as i need to enable my nvidia gtx1080ti and that is what the opencore 0.6.6 guide recommended for this pascal gpu. (im reaaaally trying not to change the serial on my hack as i have accidentally tied registered software to it already) i feel like im so close and have all the templates i need but i still cant figure it out. if anyone would be willing to help figure out what im doing wrong and guide me through this process id be most grateful.

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