Sometimes the monitor resolution cannot be detected properly by Catalina.

Hi Guys,

I built a hackintosh Catalina about 1 month ago. It works fine if I don't reboot it. However sometimes it cannot detect the monitor resolution properly if restarted.

The hardwares and OS version are

Mother board: Asus H97-plus

CPU: i5-4590

Video Adapter: msi R7950 (AMD Raden HD 7950)

RAM: DDR3 1333 8G

Monitor: LG 38WK95C 3840x1600

Mac Version: Catalina 10.15.7

At the beginning, I use another Asus 4K (3840x2160) monitor, I didn't notice the problem. After I switched to the current LG monitor, it began to happen. I may only get 1920x800 resolution after restart. It seems not be able to be solved by changing system options. Holding option button when pressing scaled in display preference doesn't show higher resolution.

Fortunately, the LG monitor has PBP mode. In this mode the monitor screen is splited into two area and could be able to show the screen of two PC at the same time. Thus the resolution of one PC is only 1920x1600. The Catalina would switch to this resolution without problem. And after the monitor switched to this mode, if I switch the monitor back to single screen mode(3840x1600), then Catalina can get the resolution information correctly. Thus I can work with the correct resolution.

So, in fact, I have solution for this issue now. But still I want to find out whether I can update any .kext to fix it completely.

Any idea? Thanks.

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