Sapphire nitro+ vega 64 compatibility


Thanks to the information found on this sub I'm buying parts for my future Hackintosh slowly, month after month, and this is what I bought for the moment:

  • gigabyte z390 designare
  • intel i9 9900k

My goal is to build a Hackintosh with the most compatible parts but I think I recently made a mistake: I bought a used Sapphire nitro+ vega 64...

I think it's a mistake because I'm reading mixed things on this sub and on tonymacx86 about the Nitro version. Some users are reporting that this card is not stable in macOS. Some others are saying that they have no issues with it. Can someone give me more information about this card compatibility with macOS ?

My goal is to use this future Hackintosh with both Mojave (Music Production) and Big Sur (Software Development and Video Editing).

Thanks in advance for your help.

TLDR: Can anyone please confirm that the Sapphire nitro+ vega 64 works well with macOS?

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