RAID 0 sucks

Recently, I changed my Hackintosh hardware from r7 2700x and ASRock x470 master SLI/ac to i5-10600k and Asus TUF Gaming z490-Plus (no-wifi). Except for the CPU and motherboard, I just moved the rest of the parts to the new platform.

Then one day I was testing the RAID 0 (2xToshiba 2TB HDD) performance and found out that it is horrible, giving the result of approx. 50MB/s for reading and writing. And one more thing to notice, in my previous Ryzentosh build, the same set of RAID 0 could run more than 200MB/s.

Here is my spec:

OS: MacOS 11.2 BigSur

CPU: (old)AMD R7 2700x

(new)Intel i5-10600k

MB: (old)ASRock x470 master SLI/ac

(new)Asus TUF Gaming z490-Plus (no-wifi)

GPU: Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB

RAM:4x Transand 16G = 64G

Storage: M.2 PCIE(1)Intel SSD6 512G

M.2 PCIE(2)Intel SSD7 256G

SATA SSD Micron MX500 500G


So I gave it some test.

First, was the file system(APFS and Extend) the issue? It turns out yes but too little to ignore(approx. 20MB/s difference).

Then I made the disk JBOD The speed did increase but still too slow (approx. 80MB/s). One more thing to say, I did test the disk speed in single mode, both file system could run up to 100MB/s.

Finally, I test both drivers and no driver for SATA controller (I use onboard SATA controller), SATA-Unsupported and CtlnaAHCIPort, and still got no difference.

Can anyone help me with this problem? My expectation is to reach at least 150MB/s on this RAID 0.

Sorry if my English is hard to understand.

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