opencore macOS catalina installation stuck at Your Internet Connection ..please help

i3 10100 Gigabyte H410H M

Realtek® GbE LAN chip (1000 Mbit/100 Mbit)

getting suck at Your Internet Connection .. given option Manually NOT using DHCP

when i attempt to change "Manually" to "using DHCP" then opencore 0.6.5 macOS catalina hangs .

I have also tried by installing by choosing " No Internet Connection..." then

no error thrown ..BIOS is not detecting HDD and if I enabled CSM UEFI then it detects but once I restart BIOS again it is gone and I can not boot once I remove the usb after installation.

SATA Controller is showing HDD but Boot Option and Boot Override is not showing HDD even after installation .I have uploaded config plist in text format ..Opencore Sanity checks cleared the config plist..please help .

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