Oops, I did it, again? (Update to Big Sur 3600X + 5700TX)

Oops, I did it, again? (Update to Big Sur 3600X + 5700TX)

Hi, last time (and first i tried to install OSX) I had a R9 380X and while it worked, I couldn't for the life of me enable hardware acceleration. Also, the GPU was showing its age and had some problems with heat (changing thermal paste helped somewhat) but I still wanted to upgrade. Problem was, it was the final month of 2020 so there was an extreme shortage but luckily, I found a deal (a shop that had a second hand 5700XT that had been sent back unused (they gave me full warranty)) so I snatched it.

After changing GPUs, my MacOS didn't boot so I forgot about it for a while. A few days ago I felt like trying again and installing the new Big Sur, so I set opencore up again and booted the USB stick to make a clean install, but it didn't seem to work (maybe i didn't give it enough time), rebooting, I saw the entry for my old MacOS install (now loading with the new opencore USB EFI) and it loaded fine and with hardware acceleration.

But it still was Catalina and an update to Big Sur was said to be possible within MacOS. After a bit of hiccups it updated fine and now I have Big Sur on Ryzen 3600X with a 5700XT and hardware acceleration.

Btw, it's ironic that a virtual machine gets the CPU name correctly while the host has been fooled.

The only thing that bothers me a bit (but that seems to be a problem with Big Sur itself) is that X360 controllers don't work.



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