HDMI OVER USB-C/THUNDERBOLT 3? Alienware m15 r1 GTX 1660 TI

HDMI OVER USB-C/THUNDERBOLT 3? Alienware m15 r1 GTX 1660 TI

I have an alienware m15 R1 with a gtx 1660 ti / intel uhd630 i7-9750h

After many trials trying to successfully get opencore to work, ended up just using an olarilla catalina usb and most things just worked perfectly, got sound working and the audio jack fixed with alcplugfix but there isn't a line-in option under input

My main goal currently though is getting an hdmi signal over the thunderbolt/usb-c port since I know the 1660 won't work with my regular hdmi port.

I was able to use a usb-c to hdmi adapter successfully on the windows side of my ssd and disabled the nvidia card and got a signal just fine, also can confirm within the manual that the thunderbolt port isn't connected to 1660, anybody know how to get it to work on a hackintosh laptop successfully? I've seen it done before on an alienware 13 r3 that also couldn't use the nvidia card, they just got a usb-c adapter and everything worked..




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