Hackintoshing a Ryzen/Nvidia machine? Workarounds?

TL;DR: Below is my long winded way of asking if you can Hackintosh a machine that uses parts that Apple doesn't support, such as NVIDIA GPU's. :)

Additionally, can I run an NVIDA/INTEL combo for my PC, and also have an AMD GPU installed In the same system for a Hackintosh? (And in PC modes, I may dabble in Crypto Mining and would like to either use them Simultaneously, OR dedicate the "extra" GPU to mining).

Important sub questions in bold. Thanks in advance!


So, after quite a while researching Hackintosh's, I think I may have come to the conclusion that with the New genuine M1's being somewhat affordable, and with Nvidia seemingly maintaining a significant advantage (for my needs) for GPU's, that Hackintosh's don't make sense for me personally.

Therefore, I'm close to pulling the trigger on a "dream" PC for work (video editing), with gaming as a side benefit.

My new "plan" is to keep my 2014 Macbook Pro to stay in the ecoystem and for tasks it can handle (Still most), and am likely to upgrade that to a 16" M1 MBP when I see what they do there, and how Apple cater for people like myself with the need for beefier graphics. Alternatively, I may get away with a base 16" MP if Apple opens up support for eGPU's again, or if I build a new Windows PC.


I know Ryzentosh's are a thing. But is it possible to Hackintosh a Ryzen/NVidia PC into something that works, and isn't buggy/annoying/unstable, and that doesn't require an IT degree? (That people here and elsewhere could guild me through)?

Below is my likely build (Hackintoshing is an afterthought. I'm aware this is likely incompatible. This is the best "PC" I think I can build):

- An NVIDA 3090. (The only component I really have my heart set on. A 3080 is also possible, but as it's a work computer I can justify the 3090). I'm pretty sure this is non negotiable. If I preferred AMD GPU's, I'd be building a Hackintosh.

- I'm thinking an AMD CPU only because price to performance is better. At least 12 cores, but maybe more. I don't want it to bottleneck my work. I could be swayed to Intel if it opens up the possibility of a Hackintosh without much of a performance hit, even if it costs a little more.

Any other components, I am not worried about, but would like to build for performance today, but not rule out a Hackintosh in the future. So, if it's important for you to know, I'd like:

1 piece 64GB of fast RAM ideally, with the ability to upgrade to 128GB.

2x hard Drive's. Both SSD's. One for programs/Apps, and the other for storage and working files.

A Motherboard (and PSU) to handle all that, and ideally that can run at least 2 GPU's, (Bonus if more). Good I/O with TB3, Bluetooth, Wifi etc. Critically, if the above specs are "Unhackintoshable", but if I can put an EXTRA AMD card in this rig, and run it as a Hackintosh, while also having NVIDA for my PC, I absolutely want to do that.

Case/Style wise... I DGAF about RGB (I at least need to be able to turn it off). Exceptional airflow and cooling. Understated design if possible. Good IO. A little room to grow.


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