Hackintosh Catalina not mirroring to my monitor.

Hello, recently i've done a Catalina Hackintosh in my old laptop. But when I connect my HDMI cable from the laptop to my monitor (which is a Philips223V 21"), it just stretch the screen to fit the monitor.

My setup:

Peripheral Specification
Laptop LG N450
Laptop Screen 14" (1366x768)
CPU Intel® Core™ i5 - 3210M (2,5-3,1GHz, 3M Cache)
GPU AMD Radeon HD7650M (1GB Dedicated)
RAM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
External Monitor (which I'm trying to use) Philips 223V 21" (1920x1080)

When I was using Windows on this laptop, I could put the resolution in FHD normally, but with this Hackintosh, my monitor just duplicates the Laptop Screen and stretches it...

When I click on the Apple logo and go to "About This Mac">"Monitors", it only shows my integrated laptop monitor.

What can I do?

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