Change the background Image in OpenCanopy

Change the background Image in OpenCanopy
  1. Follow this to turn on OpenCanopy.
  2. You need a really big image! It seems this follows the same rules as any retina image, so you need an image double your resolution. I'm using an old 23-inch Cinema Display which is 1920x1200 so I need 3840x2400. It needs to be a png, name it Background.png, or as I am using the Modern Icons, ModernBackground.png
  3. Get chris1111/Icnspack-Builder and install and launch
  4. Click run. Drop your image on Icnspack-Builder. Click ready. Click save and save it somewhere.
  5. You should now have a folder. Unzip that thing!
  6. Inside the folder should be Background.icns, put that into EFI/OC/Resources/Image
  7. Reboot and make sure it works

New ModernBackground in the correct folder

OpenCanopy, with a custom background

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