Big Sur installation failing.

Hi guys, I am once again undertaking the challenge of updating legacy hardware to the latest version of macOS.

Alright, first off: specs.

CPU: Xeon X5670

RAM: 12GB triple channel

Board: Asus P6T (not deluxe, just the bone stock)

Graphics: EVGA GTX 780

Bootloader: Clover latest (I can't remember the numbers but it is 100% the latest and boots the installer)

Kexts: Realtek8111, lilu, whatevergreen, virtualSMC (no plugins)

The issue: I am updating this hackintosh from Catalina to Big Sur. On Catalina I had a flawless setup with iMessage, sleep/wake, audio etc working amazing. Even had WiFi through broadcomfixup kext.

I am able to boot the installer using SMBIOS MacPro7,1 (any other is either incompatible or causes a kernel panic with no relevant extra information) and Big Sur will install from my USB until it gets to around 12 minutes remaining and will then throw an error saying "an error occured installing macOS". I can retry countless times and it will throw an error at this exact point.

I have tried installing it as an update through macOS Catalina and as a clean install, I have wiped the SSD I am installing it on, but no luck.

Things I have tried:

  • Different SMBIOS - iMac15,1, iMac 14,1, MacPro6,1. The MacPro6,1 SMBIOS works somewhat but will just cause random freezes, so I don't use it. The SMBIOS I actually use normally is MacPro5,1

*PatchedSur tool - this allows me to boot the installer with MacPro5,1 SMBIOS and install (which is normally not possible due to compatibility checker) but again, throws the same error in the same place.

*Date and time sync - no luck here again.

*Remake install media - I have remade install media close to 4 times now, although I will be honest and admit I have used gibMacOS each time. Perhaps their Big Sur source file is borked? I'd imagine that would get noticed fast though.

*Clean up kexts/quirks/etc through clover - I followed the opencore guide for clover quirks and my kexts are minimal to what I'd normally use for usage just to prevent any issues. I need lilu and whatevergreen for graphics output, so they have to stay.

*Opencore bootloader - I have dabbled with it for the first time doing this upgrade and I will be honest to you all, as a legacy machine user I am not a fan yet. I understand it's easy once you get the hang of it but documentation for opencore with x58 and older is practically nonexistent. I got it to load in but could not get past the initial kernel load no matter what steps I followed on the Doritania guide. Gonna give it a miss for now and stick to old reliable Clover (especially since it's gotten be basically 80% of the way there already!)

As you can see guys, I'm running out of ideas. I have seen anecdotes of Big Sur running on LGA775 machines (which were my first foray into hackintosh as well) so while I'm disheartened my spirit isn't broken. I doubt many of you have gotten Big Sur running on hardware this old, but if you have, and perhaps if you encountered my error, how?

Thank you guys, and if you need any additional information I will happily provide it.

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