Big Sur 11.1 -> 11.2 update woes

Big Sur 11.1 -> 11.2 update woes


maybe you've already seen similar issues like mine: I tried to update an OC 0.6.5 based, working, rebooting, and by all means perfectly fine OS from 11.1 to 11.2.

Update process went through without a visible hitch: SysPref -> update started -> system went into preparation -> a reboot or two later I have only seen my usual entries in the boot selector. During the boot process I noticed more log lines than usual, and finally I saw signs something's off, finally I went to the Apple logo screen where the boot process hang'.

I've read some posts where people reset their NVRAM - I guess through the OpenCore boot entires list - I did that as well to no avail. Also, my NVRAM is working natively, I verified that before rebooting.

From the boot menu, I can boot into Recovery 11.2, which sees both my user data and my system containers, though I don't know how to assemble the synthesized drive.

Upon the boot process I noted the following:

  • system boots normally up to the point AppleHDA finishes loading
  • then I notice a Found update container but did not find update volume line, which hints at some unfinished update process maybe.
  • after some time, process_update_result_state: no update result file, assuming 1st boot after a restore maybe hints it has given up on updating. As the message did not disappear over multiple updates, I have to assume something is stuck indeed.
  • Then I notice a line disk2s1: device is not readable. That should be - based on the output - my user data APFS volume. As the device reads fine in any other OS and can complete a dd to /dev/null with 0 speed drops and on nominal speed, I guess it is not an actual read error.
    Same device can be read under Recovery OS without issues.

  • Any later references, like Failed to bootstrap path can be attributed to the possible cause of my sythesized volume failing to assemble, thus the Preboot env cannot complete its boot course.

Given the system has Filevault enabled, fsck_apfs shows no errors to any partitions, can you offer me some directions or tell me whether this system can be made to boot again or should I resort to a reinstall?

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