A simple guide to dual boot manjaro and Big Sur using Open Core in the same disk.

• Install Big Sur and Open Core.

• Edit the config.plist in your efi partition as per this

• Make a separate partition (Ms Dos format) for installing Manjaro or any other linux distro on via the disk utility. •Run the live boot and install the main OS on the partition you made (Should be sda3 if you don't have any other partitions)

• Either run the entire partition as a root partition or divide it I to sub partitions for /, /home, /swap etc. I usually run a '/', and a '/home' partition.

• Mount the efi partition as /efi and toggle "boot-grub".

Finish the setup and reboot, the open core should pick up the "EFI" which is actually your grub.

Congratulations your done.

I wrote this guide because I was trying to do this yesterday and most people just recommend getting a separate SSD to install the other OS on. But people like me who run laptops from 2014 may only have one sata/nvme port available, we could use a external ssd but the performance wouldn't be that great since it will be throttled by the ancient USB 2.0 standards. Even if it has usb 3 it wouldn't be as fast as the internal ssd. Henceforth I installed on the same ssd as I have installed BIG SUR on, I saw comments that required to replace the BOOT folder in the efi partition which isn't necessary since OC 0.6.6 and I knew I could do this was since I did the same with Clover running Catalina and Arch for months without issues, but Open Core is new to me and I just needed to know if I could do this :)

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