These are missing from UEFI folder, how do I get them?: ApfsDriverLoader, FwRuntimeServices, and AptioMemoryFix

I am following this guide:

Under Clover and friends [part 1] - Prepare Clover Folder, it says:

Clover Drivers (EFI drivers, not to be confused with kexts, which are macOS drivers)

for UEFI users:

Open drivers > UEFI, delete everything, BUT ApfsDriverLoader - OcQuirks - FwRuntimeServices - HFSPlus

(If AptioMemoryFix or HFSPlus are missing, copy them from drivers > off)

However, my folder contains only two of these (HFSPlus, then OcQuirks in the "off" folder).

How do I get them (and why aren't they here)? Also, how do I know if I should use UEFI or Legacy?

Target machine: i54670k, Radeon r9 270x, Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3. I am trying to setup macOS Catalina (10.15).

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