Setting up Triple boot with macOS, Manjaro Linux and Windows 10

Hey all

A few months back, I set up my desktop with macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 using OpenCore and was able to dual boot these two systems perfectly. However, I just upgraded my main Boot Drive and want to add another system to the list: Manjaro Linux.

I'm still setting everything up and haven't gotten Windows on here yet, but macOS is up and running and I already have the OpenCore EFI system loaded onto the EFI partition. I also installed Manjaro onto a partition on my SSD but set it up to not touch the EFI partition hoping it would still show up in the OpenCore EFI but this turned out not to be the case.

I've searched around a bit and mostly what I've found is either install the systems on three separate drives and map them all into the OpenCore EFI system or Format the entire drive and start in the other end with Windows / Manjaro first then macOS last. This is what I'm currently thinking of doing but before I do that, I wanted to check on here if any of you have any suggestion to how this can be done without reformatting the entire drive and going through that 3 hour Restore process I went through with Time Machine to get macOS back to how I had it.


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