PATA drive hackintosh?

Hi. I read somewhere that theoretically macos could be installed on a PATA IDE drive, but now I am trying to do that using El Capitan and OpenCore, and I loaded the ATA injector kexts the dortania guide recommended, but after I boot in the installer, I can't find my drive in Disk Utility. I verified and it is connected correctly, it is recognized in BIOS and Windows, but not in the macos installer. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Also, I have a hunch that those kexts I installed were only for booting into the OS after it is installed... or, am I wrong? In case I am not wrong, would it be a good Idea to install El Capitan on a flash drive, than put that flash drive inside another PC running macos and create a dmg image from it, and after that use TransMac to put that dmg on my IDE drive? Or is there a much easier and better solution? Thanks.

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