[OpenCore] DSDT patch -> ACPI hotpatch?

I'm currently working on my OC hackintosh laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X230) and I would like to use my Dell DW1510 (BCM4322)) natively with Catalina.

I've tried adding Mojave's IO80211Family kext into my OC/Kext folder and also into my config file, but it doesn't seem to be injected at all. I'm using the latest OpenCore, and I got the kext from this inventory.

The official Dortania guide mentions that these kexts might have to be forced in order to be properly injected. I looked up the full documentation and tried forcing the kext but I obviously messed up something, because it didn't work.

If anyone has ever done that, a sceenshot of this ACPI section of the config file would be really helpful!

Anyways, I started digging deeper and found out that these old Broadcom BCM4322x cards can be patched via DSDT in order to work natively: source (scroll down)

For some cards, DSDT Patching can be a suitable and permanent alternative to kext patching (no need to repatch a kext after OS X updates and upgrades or new installations). For instance, in the case of the Atheros AR5B95 card (chip AR9285 168c,2b), adding compatibility with a chip known to be supported OOB such as AR9380 168c,30 or AR9280 168,2a (as found in the vanilla Atheros40 kext) in a _DSM method for the identified DSDT device does the trick once and for all since it'll make the OS load the associated kext

Since I'm new to hotpaches I'd like to ask for help. I've already read Rehabman's guide in DSDT patching and ACPI hotpatching but the latter seems to be really difficult for me.

Would you please guide me to the right direction on how to turn these type of static DSDT patches into hotpatches so I don't have to inject my dumped DSDT with OpenCore?

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