Need help about Audio through DP and HDMI

Need help about Audio through DP and HDMI

Dear Everybody

My Build :

Open core 0.6.3 on OS 10.15.7 Catalina

Main Asrock Z490M ITX/acCpu

Intel i5 10400

iGPU UHD 630 (dGPU not Use)

Ram 32Gb

SSD NVMe Samsung 970 Evo

Wifi MacbookAir 2012 BCM943224pciebt2

Full Working but there is only one small error:

Output the Audio to a monitor 4K screen(Phillip PHL 278E1) via a HDMI port and DisplayPort are both very well. But every reboot, the Audio output (PHL 278E1) is lost on the Speakers section of the Menubar. I must unplug the HDMI cable to re-plug it, this section to appear again. The same error goes for the Display Port.

How to fix this error, Thanks everyone.

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