Matebook X Pro 2019 touchpad

I keep struggling with my Matebook's touchpad. I have two issues, sensivity and sleep. Let's forget sleep for now. When I run windows or Linux, the touchpad works great. Light taps on the pad is enough to click (and drag). In MacOS (BS), that does not work well at all. I have to press hard, sometimes several times, before it registers the taps. Multitouch (pinch/zoom) works as it should.

It's a Synaptics trackpad, Linux id's it as SYNA1D31 (mouse/touchpad) and SYNA2393 (Multitouch). I have tried all kexts that I can find (VoodooI2CSynaptics/VoodooRMI/VoodooSMBus) but none of these works to my liking, or I dont understand how to configure these... Maybe it's an ACPI problem, idk. Anyone else that have some insight?

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