macOS installer not showing up in boot selector

I created a full offline installer for macOS using this guide:

It is on a SD Card because my USB drive was not large enough to fit the full installer. I have two partitions, "BOOT", containing just the EFI folder with all the OpenCore drivers and kexts, and a macOS Base System partition which is formatted as HFS.

The first time I booted into the SD card, it wouldn't even go the the boot selector screen and it would stop at Watchdog status is 0 for about a minute then the next line would give me an error saying "Driver HFSPlus.efi not found". I tried switching the SD card switch to Read-only also, but that didn't work. Then I downloaded a new HFSPlus.efi and it worked.

Then came the boot selector screen. I chose macOS Base System, then it said something in verbose mode, and rebooted the system. This time it went to the boot selector screen and macOS Base System was not there.

Now whenever I boot from SD, sometimes it gives me the same error about HFSPlus.efi, but if I try again after 15 minutes it goes to the boot selector screen with no macOS option. It seems like it just randomly gives the HFS error because sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. But the macOS boot option is never there.

Help please.

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