Is there a PCIe WiFi card that works fine with Mac AND Linux?

Hi all! So my question is this, I have successfully (minus a few minor issues) built my second Ryzentosh (Opencore 6.4 Big Sur 11.1 I believe?) a couple of weeks ago and was loving it until I realized that the WiFi card I purchased (Fenvi FV-T919) works out of the box with Mac but doesn't play nice with Linux (I'm specifically using Manjaro i3). Apparently it's because it uses a broadband chip-set (should have thoroughly researched prior to purchasing, I know) which is not open-sourced and thus there are no drivers available on Linux for it aside from a reverse-engineered driver which works ok sometimes but is largely unreliable for this specific chip-set.

That brings us to here and now. Is there a PCIe WiFi card that works fine with both Linux (even if through installing drivers), Mac (preferably natively but through kexts if all else fails AND Windows (Windows isn't really a deal breaker but would be nice since I do tri-boot on this pc)? If anyone has personal real world experience, that would be great as this is for my work build and would have to give up on Mac if I can't find a card that works with both sense Linux is the operating system I use professionally.

Thanks ahead of time awesome people of r/hackintosh!

Edit: Forgot to mention, only thing I care about on the Mac side when it comes to wifi is that I can use iMessage/FaceTime/AppStore. Other than that, things like airdrop or [insert other wifi specific features here] aren't important to me. Thanks again!

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