Internal Speakers for Boot Chime?

Hi everyone,

I've ordered parts to make a Hack Mini inside of a Streacom F1C Evo case. I have some old laptops lying around, and I got the idea that I maybe somehow could reuse their speakers as internal output for my build (primarily for hearing the boot chime, as I like the idea of it coming directly from the case).

I've looked around online and have come up with these ideas:

  1. The speaker headers on my motherboard. The problem with this is, as I understand it, that these aren't a "real" speaker output, instead being for rudimentary beep sounds for errors etc. Is this right? If so, we can safely mark this off the list.
  2. Using a USB header on the motherboard to connect the internal speakers. Although, as I understand it, it's impossible to output the boot chime to a speaker connected with USB in OpenCore. Given this is true, this doesn't do the trick either, since my primary reason for wanting internal speakers is the chime.
  3. Simply running a 3.5 mm jack out of the case to one of the on-board sound. I couldn't imagine this not ending up ugly, so I'd probably rather just settle with using external speakers for the boot chime if it came down to this.

Do any of you know a good way to do this? I considered if I might be able to swing some sort of PCIe solution (despite space limitations) since I don't plan on using my motherboard's PCIe lane for anything. Maybe some sort of weird sound card with 3.5 mm jack on the inside of the case?

My motherboard is: Asus Rog Strix H470-I Gaming

Excited to hear what you all think

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