Inexpensive higher res laptop options?

Ultimately will be getting a MBP in the future, but budget wise I need to keep the price down for now. Ive been learning Swift and iOS development on my Inspiron 11 3153, and the 1366x768 res and 11" screen have really shown their weaknesses. Yes, I can use external monitors, but I would like something to be able to do everything on the laptop if I want. I dont need a powerhouse, but would like something at least on par with my Inspiron (i3-6100u, 8gb ram). Id prefer 13" but would also consider something in the 15" range as long as its not overly large, and with at least 1080p or higher resolution so I can fit more on my screen.

Looking used in the $250-300 range (or lower if possible), is there anything out there that would fit my needs thats fairly hackintosh friendly? If I up my budget, I might as well get a MBP as I can get decent models used locally for $500-600.

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