Help improving performance on Ryzen 5 2600 & RX 580?

I recently got my macOS big sur hackintosh up and running, and its 100% stable with no errors, hangs or panics, but the performance is a bit wack to say the least

I've installed Shaneee's patch, so im not getting *terrible* performance, but i feel like it could definitely be better. ive also installed the RadeonBoost kext.

i get around 80-100 fps in minecraft singleplayer, but as soon as i join a server (mainly Hypixel) it quickly drops and studders to about 20. my monitor is 2560x1080.

other games are quite studdery as well, and geekbench 5 shows an average of 23k for openCL and around 30k for metal.

One telltale sign that my performance is not up to par at all, is this and many other geekbench results with a weaker AMD CPU than mine.

does anyone know what i can do? i sure don't.

any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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