GPU passthrough and other post install catalina issues on esxi 7.01c

GPU passthrough and other post install catalina issues on esxi 7.01c

Trying to setup a catalina vm with a vega card on passthrough on esxi (vsphere), seems to work except gpu. I've got a esxi 7.01c host that has been successfully unlocked. vmware tools are installed and catalina has been updated. I have a vega pcie card set to passthrough to the vm. In order to get esxi to let go of the pcie card in the first place and for the vm to detect it at all, I had to ssh in and `run esxcli system settings kernel set -s vga -v FALSE ` otherwise the esxi console would display on the screen. The screen connected to the graphics card now oddly says "Shutting down firmware services, using simple offset... (see screen)". I think its leftover text from the esxi console boot. I think something still maybe fishy with this because it should be blank if the console is no longer using it. The vm sees an 'amd' pcie device in the profiler but doesn't detect that its a vega for some reason. I've played with the svga.* settings and I wasn't able to get any changes. There is no custom boot loader or kexts currently. I've also set hw.model and uuid.action, as well as exposing iommu on the vm settings. After doing so I'm getting memory modules misconfigured prompt. Wondering if I should use a different profile other than MacPro 7,1.

Please see screens, any help would be very appreciated. Install was pretty seamless before gpu passthrough if anyone is curious. Also to note I have an intel gpu that could be passed through but is not currently.

ESXi-7.0U1c-17325551-standard (VMware, Inc.)

VMware Tools 11.2.1 build 17243207

Catalina 10.15.7 (19H114)

CPU: i9 9900k

GPU:Vega 64


Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Gigabyte Z390-I-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10

Audio Codec: vmware

Ethernet Card: vmware

Wifi/BT Card: vmware

Touchpad and touch display devices: na

BIOS revision: f8c

samsung nvme + sata installed on apfs on vmware nvme device

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