Feedback: Anyone else like me - when you reach a level of stability/compatibility that you just stop right there?

I'm running latest Mojave 10.14.6 on both my hacks (desktop and laptop), and they are both 100%. I used to tinker with OpenCore and other small tweaks... but I have now reached a point of minimal patches on both to get it working to my liking.

I need to use my (substantial) Steam library, which is comprised 98% of 32 bit games... so I am not interested in upgrading any further. I have tested Catalina on my desktop, and it runs well, but I am unable to give up on 32 bit software anytime soon (I am still using software that I had running on Snow Leopard !!!).

I have had a great ride coming all the way up from 10.4.4 all the way to 10.14.6, but I cannot foresee any reason to continue. I will use what I have now until it refuses to function anymore...

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