ESXi 6.7U3 Big Sur Safari’s Native Video Player issue

Hello! I am running successful installation of BigSur on my ESXi 6.7 Update 3 (just update from Mojave actually), but of course, without any Metal support and the model identifier is just VMWare. I am trying to run native Safari’s video player and it is failed to start with ‘Failed to load resource: Plug-in handled load’ error. I have no issues with other video web players, but my goal is to run native in Safari. I guess it because of missing hardware acceleration/decoding capabilities, but maybe for any other reason? Could you please point me in some direction I could try to fix the issue?
Some modification/injection via Clover maybe? I have another idea, if I purchase GT710 GPU (GK208B) and passthrough it to VM will it help to run the Native video player in Safari, or it won’t work in any way? I.e. does the native video player works in Hackintoshes? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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