Editable Parts in config.plist (OpenCore Configurator) - that makes iMessage work in Big Sur 11.1

To make iMessage run over BigSur 11.1, I am giving up this, I did everything, my ethernet is 0 by default, used original Ethernet MAC as ROM and lately changed prefix of vendor as Apple Inc., I even changed UUID several times, changed SN, changed it all, used guide step by step, used several SN / UUID from OpenCore Configurator, GenSMBIOS and ProperTree for perfect config.plist formatting. I reset NVRAM several times, cleared caches even reinstalled macOS twice from scratch. Using iMessage with or without Apple ID signed in. Same issue, signs-in and immediately sign-out.

I use 2 Apple ID, one of them with credit card linked and physically used in my iPhone.

Model I use as emulator: MacBookPro13,1 and MacBookPro13,2, invalid serial.

iMessage charges for activation when I use on my iPhone for first time from mobile provider, I am from Egypt and my account is Egyptian and other is US.

Can anyone with active iMessage tell specifically every SMBIOS section to be added to config.plist (System/BIOS/Chassis/Board/Firmware , also Data-Hub - Generic - PlatformNVRAM, should all sections got filled and to be added to config.plist?

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