Cpu upgrade broke hackintosh

So, I built a dual boot machine out of a HP Z640 with a dual CPU. Got macOS big sur installed via opencore and it worked just fine. So preiously it had dual xeon 2609v3 I'm there which is 6core no hyperthread. So I ordered xeon 2620x3 which have a slightly higher clock speed and 6core with HT. Installed em booted to PC and all worked. Used ssdt time to pull my ssdt so I could add it to my config list....no boot sits at cputsync error.

So put the ssdt on a hard drive booted onto my second z640 system added in my ssdt for the new CPU...and same error.

What am I missing here? What do I need to do to change for it to boot with the new CPU. It's the same family of CPU haswell, so I'm not sure why it is failing?

Any suggestions?

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