Can i disable dGPU and boot macos with iGPU?

Hi guys hope you doing well, a quick question, i want to install macos in dualboot on seperate ssds but i have a rtx2070s which is unsupported, can i hook up a hdmi cable into my motherboard to use the igpu uhd630 will that work?

because i tried but getting error "gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm0x0" using opencore and recovery

h\w: i5 8400 + MSI Z370 Tomahawk + 16gb ram

  • igpu is enabled in bios with 64MB and multi display
  • enabled the igpu in config.plist as shown in the documentation
  • disabled dgpu in config.plist
  • added disable-gpu ssdt file and enabled in config.plist

i did install macos bigsur before when i didnt have the rtx and it was working fine but i formatted the ssd and i need to reinstall it.

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