X299m extreme4 is the best hackintosh motherboard for pros, change my mind

This is by far the most diverse/flexible motherboard for creators, and nobody talks about it. Some of the features:

-Micro ATX form factor means it can fit in almost every case.

-Support for wifi A+E m.2 hackintosh wifi cards

-X299 socket means up to 18 core processor

-3 PCIe x16 slots

-Up to 128gb of ram in 4 slots

-Thunderbolt add-in support on an m-atx board Whaaaat?? Nice

Sad thing is it's sold out at it's $210 price

The best board for beginners is the B460m pro4, up to 10 cores, 128gb ram, also thunderbolt! It costs in between $90-$110 on amazon usually, and is an excellent upgradeable board for beginners. Consider it if you are starting a hackintosh build, as it can fit the $85 i3-10100f 4 core/8 thread, or all the way up to the i9-10900f 10 core/20 thread.

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