UH 630 not achieving 3840 x 2160 resolution

  • Hardware: CPU: i9-9900K GPU: UHD 630 RAM: 1 x 16GB - AEGIS F4-2400C15S-16GIS Motherboard/Laptop model: Gigabyte Z390 UD Screen(s) Number: 1 Screen(s) Resolution: 3840 x 2160 - Philips 288E2A Audio Codec: Realtek® ALC887 codec - on board Ethernet Card: Realtek® GbE LAN chip - on board Wifi/BT Card: Belkin USB F8T065BF BT adapter (no Wifi)

  • What guide/tool I followed: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ktext.html

  • What part I got an issue with: I am not getting the full 3840 x 2160 resolution, so my 4K display looks blurry. https://imgur.com/a/1YxVEi3

  • What files/config I am using: EFI structure: https://imgur.com/a/1YxVEi3

EFI download: https://www.odrive.com/s/4cf4e792-8d4a-40df-8999-5790e511ceb9-5fe5de64

config.plist: https://pastebin.com/FPKzJpMQ

  • Extra Info: I have followed the OpenCore guide, and I was really happy with the guides, how it thoroughly explains everything. I had a big battle in getting past 1280x1024 resolution: after mutliple framebuffer patches, it only worked after I removed -igfxvesa from the boot arguments. Although the improvement from 1280x1024 to 2560x1440 has been substantial, I still need to achieve the full 3840 x 2160 resolution of my display (which I already tested in Win10 in this same computer)
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