SIP / NVRam & Potential glitches due to it

Hey everyone,

So today i've spend multiple hours due to one issue i had. I did updated from 0.6.3 to 0.6.4 and everything looked ok, but i've tried to clear nvram and suddenly things broke and nothing was booting. Neither switching EFI for previously working 0.6.3, neither testing tons and tooooons of things that i've tried over multiple hours... In particular myself i had the following error:

AppleNVME Assert Failed
^ 0 of things you find on google sorted my issue

So long story short - there's a glitch (or it's expected behaviour?) if I do reset NVRam - i can't boot anymore, however recovery partition boots just fine. If you go into recovery > terminal and disable SIP (csrutil disable) and then boot back into regular partition - everything works, and then if you disable SIP - everything continues to work further.

What I noticed is that if i don't disable SIP - nvram doesn't get fully erased potentially, as i.e. i've added some boot flags which should prevent restarting on kernel panic - but they didn't work, and worked only after tons and tons of attempts randomly. However disabling SIP temporarily fixes this issue.

So a tip is - if you can't boot into regular osx, but recovery is bootable with same OC setup - try to disable SIP, and see whether that helps you, however do remember to re-enable it once you're done :)

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